About the event

inSCIgnis is the annual mega science fest of Tezpur University organized by the Students' Science Council. This fiesta is celebrated on the occasion of National Science Day. It is one of the leading and the biggest science festivals in North-East India.

We learn the most when situations are the worst and hence , we at Tezpur University too are resolved to not let any scope for scientific discussion go wasted and make it prosper. Therefore, we are ready to host the mega science festival, inSCIgnis from 26th February - 1st March. inSCIgnis rejoices the spirit of science and innovation, fostering scientific temper among masses. The expression inSCIgnis has been derived from the Latin word Insignis which means ushering in distinguished, remarkable or rapid mark making development in a particular field. Unveiling a mosaic of exhilarating and thrilling events, this three-day extravaganza stands as a unique platform for intensive workshops, quizzes, talks, experimentation and designing, fun games, school outreach programs and many more. The previous editions of inSCIgnis have seen exponential mount both in terms of eminence and enormity. Hence, carrying forward the legacy of disseminating scientific zeal all over, with the theme of “Science Beyond Myths”, inSCIgnis 2022 promises to be regal, effectual and even more prominent this time.

- inSCIgnis provides a platform to the students where they can bring up their ideas, innovations and work.
- We mainly focus to bring out the indigenous talents of students from the society.
- inSCIgnis team reaches out to deprived schools and popularize science there.